At Science Training We Truly Believe If You Place The Focus In Getting Healthy Inside Your Body, Aiming To Reach Your Full Potential, You Willachieve Your Goals, Aesthetic Look As Well As Perform At Your Best.


HI! My Name Is Juan Pablo

Who am I? I’m the person who can help you to gain back control of your health and who want to see you growth, earn more energy and optimize your health.

I’m a passionate about nutrition and I love what I do. I’m personal trainer and professor, who is willing to educate you about your optimal health pathway. I’m also a Industrial Engineer who has a great team in which I believe, your Lab work speaks out which condition can be improved and what is the root cause to find a permanent solution.

I know the feeling when you have been told by a Doctor that there is nothing wrong, but deep inside you, you know something is not working quite well….I work with people who have been diagnosed with chronic diseases, have gained extra pounds or just want to see how far they can optimize their health. I work with men who have lost confidence in themselves.

I train professional athletes and players not to get injured and improve their performance.

I never back down from a challenge.! I never give up on people!. You have the power to do it so let’s unlock it together!


500+ Private & Group Workout Sessions


370+ Happy Customers After Diet


360 Days Nutrition Plans & Training Program

Our Staff

Juan Pablo Doval Cifre

Co-Founder || Chief Executive Officer
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Eliana Marinetti

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Bill Tolis

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Michael Ratajewski

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Mariano Obertello

Dr. FRACP Cardiologist

Anne-Marie Cifre

Dietitian & Nutritionist

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